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Elephant Shoppe
Postcards of Zanah for Sale
Zanah is featured on several postcards designs available for sale where proceeds go towards their upkeep
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Elephant Shoppe
Elephant Shoppe (Langkawi)
Featuring Authentic Malaysian-made Butterfly Souvenirs
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Tiger! Tiger! Cafe

Crowd-fund TIger! Tiger! Langkawi

As works progress against a backdrop of ever-increasing costs, we are looking to establish crowd-funding initiatives to enable us to complete the redevelopment of TIger! Tiger! Langkawi.

Animal Adventurers who participate in our crowd-funding initiatives will be able to have their name listed on official notice boards or even have their names or family names affixed to sponsorship signs around the Park.

Yes, you get to "leave your mark on Langkawi" when you sign-up for one of our crowd-funding initiatives.

Meanwhile, please contact us if you wish to participate.

Next on Works Schedule

1. Completion of "Sumatra Viewing Platform";

2.Completion of Second-half of Tiger Exhibit, including waterfeatures, landscaping, etc;

3. Acquisition and installation of glass panes in five diffferent sections of the octagon;

4. Completion of Alfresco Dining Area of Tiger! Tiger! Cafe;

Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi
Pending: Two Raised Platforms Concept: TImber Flooring
Symbio Wildlife Park Bolaven Cafe Langkawi
Similar: Glass Panes at Symbio Wildlife Park Returning Soon: The Tiger Experience

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